General Optics (Asia) Limited (GOAL) is a closely held Public Limited Company (Joint Stock Company) run by a Board of Directors chaired by Mr.S.Murali who is also the founder of the company. GOAL was incorporated in 1982 and has been manufacturing and exporting precision optical systems and components since 1984.

Our expertise is in the manufacture of custom precision optical instruments, devices and components besides assemblies, sub assemblies, etc. We also deliver integrated solutions to our clients where we design, build and test complex opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems (including custom test benches involving precision mechanics, precision optics, electronics and related software).

Over 80% of our program is exported to customers in USA, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Singapore and other countries. We also cater to a wide network of domestic Indian customers.

Our 75,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility is located in Pondicherry, India which is also our headquarters. Our plant is vertically integrated starting from glass cutting to optics fabrication to thin film coating and machining of metals to surface treatment followed by opto-mechanical and opto-electronic assembly, as well as test and evaluation.

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Chandrayaan-3 & Aditya L1


Instruments & Devices

Mechanical Systems

Thin Film Coatings
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